We offer puppies of bedlington terrier


We are very sensitive to puppies born in our kennel and try to find them a caring home where they will spend a happy life. We follow the fate of their Pets and maintain close contact with their owners. Help them in matters of education, housing and haircuts to dogs, are happy with the successes at exhibitions. Therefore, one-line emails like "how much are you puppies?" never raise much enthusiasm and desire to sell a dog to this person.

If you like our dogs and want a puppy from our kennel, please specify for what purpose you take the puppy, are you planning a show career or you simply want a beloved friend. Do you have other dogs, do you plan to breed this breed, what sex and color puppy you want. Please write a few lines about yourself and be sure in which city you live in.

Thank you for understanding!

Unfortunately at the moment in the kennel puppies no.

In kennel "" two blue bitches were born!
In kennel
Отец/Father: Elizar
Мать/Mother: Solo Rossii Sangria
Exclusive litter from parents, which flow the best foreign and domestic blood!!!!